OriginOil Inc (OTCMKTS:OOIL) Initiates Plans to Make a Move in China

OriginOil Inc (OTCMKTS:OOIL) has been working hard to preserve the scarce and much needed water resources of the planet. The company has recently been concentrating on its Electro-Water Separation units (EWS). They have been trying to get large companies and manufacturing plants to integrate this technology in their plants to release treated water into the oceans. In their attempts to get their product noticed, the company has recently signed a deal with Beijing Puresino Science & Technology. With this new deal, the company plans to gain an outreach to potential customers in the chemical and urban waste water and soil remediation industries.

China is a big country and with the rapid rate of industrialization, the environmental factors are being neglected. This has received a lot of criticism from a number of developed countries. OOIL’s EWS is a great way for the company to start reconsidering the impact its industrialization has been having on the environment. The EWS is capable of treating large quantities of water very quickly. Having these units integrated in the drainage system of manufacturing plants would help greatly reduce China’s ecological footprint. The CEO of OOIL, Jean Louis JL Kindler, expressed his delight and excitement at the new deal. The head of the company also hinted that this is just the first step in the company’s development plans for Asia.

If the company does indeed make a move towards other countries in Asia, it would be able to help the developing countries address the growing environmental concern posed by their industries. Puresino, also has more than 20 years of experience with providing environmental protection solutions to the industries of China, with a large network across the country, consisting of 30 branches.

With the impressive portfolio of Puresino, the move by OOIL seems to be a very wise decision. Additionally, the OOIL also announced that the solutions it tends to provide in China are in fact in accordance with the problems that are mentioned on Puresino’s portfolio. It should quickly be able to reach the big players in the market and also raise its stock while being on the way.

OriginOil Inc (OTCMKTS:OOIL) closed at $0.064, with a decline of 6.43% by closing time yesterday.

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