OXIS International, Inc. (OTCMKTS:OXIS) Discusses Its Strategy With Regard To Immunotherapeutic Development

As the market conditions improve, Oxis Biotech, Inc. of OXIS International, Inc. (OTCMKTS:OXIS) has decided to discuss its strategies with regard to immunotherapeutic development. OXIS is a renowned company in biotechnology field with major focus on the commercialization and development of biotech cancer therapy.

Insights of The Announcement:

In order to make sure that all the shareholders, vendors, analysts, reporters and other interested parties get to know about this announcement, the company had scheduled a conference call a few days back to let this information public.

After the initial introduction, the senior management team of the company took over and initiated their proceedings. Anthony J. Cataldo, CEO and Chairman of the company stated that the primary objective of OXIS would always be to work with people. The company had worked hard to develop immunotherapies for the treatment of multiple myeloma, triple-negative breast cancer and associated osteolytic lesions that are essential medical needs in today’s time.

The company has sought the support of MultiCell Immunotherapeutics for developing targeted immunotherapies in the least possible time. MCIT is known for producing world famous proprietary antibody-drug called conjugate, which is based on unique cleavable and multivalent linkers that let the tethered drug release extracellularly and intracellularly. The process gets to this stage once the antibody is bound to the target cell.

All the drugs that are designed by MCIT have the unique power that allow multiple drugs to attach on single targeted antibody. These drugs are released in their original form and there is no chance of any modification in their structure at any stage of the procedure.

Apart from developing traditional ACDs, OXIS is also working on immune cell engagers, a defined class of high-end monoclonal antibodies that strengthen the immune system of humans to take on cancer cells. The senior management hopes that OXIS will continue offering such products in the future as well for the benefits of human race.

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