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Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) Announces Latest Initiatives

The primary turnaround that the healthcare industry has witnessed over the past few years is nothing but change in the attitude of companies. Companies have started putting focus on developing new technologies and treatments than formulating plans to enhance revenues. Among all such companies, one name is Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH), which is considered as one of the fastest emerging healthcare companies in the industry. According to reports, it recently made public its initiatives towards developing new treatments for cancer and strengthening customers’ trust.

Insights On Matter:

It had a fabulous 2014 and came up, with quite a few better treatments, focusing on cancer. During a conference, it announced some of the activities that it performed lately to achieve the targets that it had set. Here are a few such major announcements:-

Completion of Patent Filing:

The agenda of Propanc Health Group has always been on enhancing its customers around the globe. With its recent patent filings, company took one more initiative towards strengthening its customer relations. Towards the end of the 2014, patent attorneys of Propanc had initial meeting, with the US Patent and Trademark Office’s examiners. The meeting was concerning the clearance of the pending patent claims of its novel product candidates, PRP-DCM and PRP.

Planned Development Pathway:

Propanc has been putting in a lot of efforts to understand the planned development pathway of PRP in order to get clarity about few points, such as-

  • How PRP breaks down and moves in the body?
  • What’s its mode of action?
  • Its efficacy in inhibiting associated biological markers and metastases.
  • Its effectiveness in prolonging survival in animals.

In order to find out answers to all these questions, it conducted a number of research activities to empower its meeting, with the FDA with regard to Investigational New Drugs (IND). It plans to do many more such activities in the near future to enhance its productivity and strengthen customers’ trust.

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