Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) Stabilizes After a Big Leap

Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) is a company progressing in the stock market. Recently it has become one of the top traded shares in the market, rising from below the illiquid sub-penny line. The rise can be credited to a recent news released by the company that it is on the verge of developing a new Pro-enzyme drug to fight certain forms of cancer. Usually, such developments end, with the stock possibly falling below the point from where it started. Many speculated that the same would happen to PPCH, but the company formed a strong base above the penny line, against all odds. It could even be expected to cross 2 if the trend keeps on.

The stability of the value of the shares, in this case, can be attributed to earlier news from the company, announcing the receipt of funds to be used for its lead PRP drug. The drug was to be pushed onto the animal clinical trial stage, and it seems that the company has been progressing since then. The CMO of the company, Professor Klaus Kutz, believes the trails will provide his team, with valuable data about the safety and acceptability of this drug. He also expects no serious side effects to the drug. The news had the company stock rising to new heights, but it was not able to stay there for long owing to lack of information regarding the deal.

The new announcement has strengthened this rise, and further advancements can trigger the stock movement above the 2 penny line. The financial state of the company has been revolving in hundred thousand, but the company reports only minor loss. The company is least concerned about how its stock performs in the market; it is just concentrating on developing the right cancer treatments. This may alarm the investors, but, in the long run, this decision should prove fruitful.

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