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Putting the “Progress” In Progressive Green Solutions (OTCBb:PGSC)

When the thought of refurbished products surface into a conversation there are various items people have no longer found use for and as the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” especially in the Reverse Logistics Industry. The Reverse Logistics Industry symbolizes all functions in relation to the reuse of products and materials. A company that lends a hand in this industry is Progressive Green Solutions, Inc. (OTCBb:PGSC), which operates as a fully functional returns management solution provider with unique knowledge in Reverse Logistics industry, repair and recovery, as well as secondary market sales for different product for consumers.


On Dec 22nd 2014, PGSC opened at $0.26 by 12/24/14 the company ran up to $.90 and by 12/31/14 investors saw a high of $1.44. Over the course of 30 days PGSC has seen an impressive increase including a run to highs of $2.50. The company is currently priced at $2 per share and the last time PGSC saw this price there was a spike up to those $2.50 highs; that would be a 25% price increase from these current levels, which could put PGSC on the list of penny stocks to watch in 2015.


In late January, the company announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Green Remanufacturing Solutions, has recovered and refurbished its 70,000th consumer return. Slawek Mochalski, Vice President of Remanufacturing Operations at Green Remanufacturing Solutions LLC stated, “We are excited to announce that the team at Green Remanufacturing Solutions has completed their 70,000th consumer return milestone. Our commitment to the US environment is underscored by the overall success of our business. Keeping consumer goods out of landfill and refurbishing consumer products is not only good for our partners and for US consumers, it is a benefit for generations to come.”


About Progressive Green Solutions Inc.

Progressive Green Solutions, Inc. is the parent company of its wholly owned subsidiary, Green Remanufacturing Solutions LLC, a returns management service company that provides a unique combination of return product solutions to manufacturers and retailers of major appliances, small appliances, electronics, floor care products, air-conditioning / filtration products, power tools and outdoor power equipment products. Green Remanufacturing Solutions’ philosophy on returns management is short and simple; reduce waste, improve profits and drive customer satisfaction. These core tenants are critical elements of Green Remanufacturing Solutions’ returns management solutions and are integrated throughout the entire returns experience. As a result of these tenants, Green Remanufacturing Solutions is able to provide its clients with a one stop turnkey solution to manage, ship and process its clients returned merchandise. Through the application of these tenants, Green Remanufacturing Solutions has designed its solutions with scalability in mind so that regardless of whether a manufacturer or retailer is big or small; a solution is available for it to meet the ever-increasing industry and regulatory demand for environmentally sensible product lifecycle management.

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