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Red Lion Hotels Corporation (RLHC) Begins FreshTerm With New Board Members

Following reports, Red Lion Hotels Corporation (“RLHC”), which is becoming more prominent in the hospitality industry, recently announced the appointment of two directors: Ms. Bonny Simi and Mr. Joseph Megibow. Their appointment will take effect from April 1, 2017. Following the recent developments, the present director- Melvin Keating, is said to be ending his term at the RLHC’s annual shareholders’ meeting in May.

When asked about the newly appointed directors: Ms. Bonny Simi and Mr. Joseph Megibow, the Chairman of RLHC- Robert G. Wolfe expressed the company’s excitement about their latest recruits, and stated that: “Their respective credentials as leaders in the travel, customer experience, e-commerce and digital technology arenas will add valuable real-time perspective directly related to RLHC’s business.”

The chairman also mentioned Bonny’s in depth experience in travel and leisure as an executive of NASDAQ stock JetBlue Airways Corporation (NASDAQ:JBLU) and recently as the President of a subsidiary of NASDAQ Stock JetBlue.

Ms. Simi is also reported to be a “3 time Olympian and 10 time national champion in the sports of luge and bobsled.” She is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Engineering, with a BA in Communications from the same institution.

Joseph Megibow on the other hand has served as a board advisor and a president to Joyus, Inc. He has been in top positions in different fields and has been a prominent player in e-commerce since the1990’s. Joseph is reported to be “an established industry leader in digital analytics and data optimization”

In addition to stating how qualified the new recruits are, Wolfe also commended Mel Keating for his positive contributions and seven years of service the company: , “Mel has served in various roles on RLHC’s board of directors, and helped guide RLHC through a number of critical changes over the years”.

He further stated that: “Mel helped catalyze the Board’s effort to transform the Company and implement its asset light strategy.”

Moreover, based on the statements made by the Chairman of RLHC, its very clear that the board is quit excited about their choice and looking forward to a fulfilling term.

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