Retail Investors Sparking Another Biotech Uproar in 2015

With Biotech’s slowly becoming the talk of the town again, it is no surprise to investors that biotech stocks are moving their way back on up to the top of the totem pole in 2015. While most conservative and wealthier investors are more attracted to big Pharma companies like GILD and AMGN, retail investors have found small and micro cap biotech companies to be quite good to them so far this year with companies such as these:

OXIS International Inc. (OTCMKTS:OXIS)- A biotechnology company focused on biotech cancer therapy development and commercialization has really set high standards for 2015. In a recent shareholders’ conference call with OXIS CEO Anthony Cataldo, he announced that one of his goals is to up-list OXIS to the NASDAQ by the end of 2015. The company just recently up-listed the OTCQB back on Jan 29th of this year, investors know how big up listing to the NASDAQ can be for these small cap biotech companies. OXIS recently saw a price spike to a high of $0.06 and has recently been seeing accumulation around $0.04.

NeoGenomics, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEO) is a leading provider of cancer-focused genetic testing services.  This Biotech stock to watch in 2015 has seen an upswing in the last 3 months. Investors should be happy with its short-term performance after NEO toped Street Q4 predictions. Since the New Year NEO has seen lows of $3.54 to highs of $5.00, a 41% upswing.

Neuralstem Inc. (NYSE:CUR)- patented technology enables the production of multiple types of brain and spinal cord neural stem cells in commercial quantities for the potential treatment of central nervous system diseases and conditions. CUR has taken a hit since the start of the New Year but investors might see it as a possibility to dive into a bottomed out biotech stock. CUR announced on March 12th its topline results of Phase II ALS Trials. Phase II trial of NSI-566 spinal cord-derived neural stem cells under development for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The study did meet primary safety endpoints. The maximum tolerated dose of 16 million transplanted cells and the surgery was well tolerated. Remember that this is not a cure for ALS but a treatment to extend the patients lifespan.

Retail investors know the volatility of small cap and micro cap stocks but biotech specifically are known to be extremely volatile. There is profit to be made in the short term as most micro cap and small cap biotech companies are in early development stages. The time required to go through clinical trials is a lengthy one but in the mean time momentum trading will be your best bet to potentially make some nice coin.

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