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RMG Networks Holding Corporation (NASDAQ:RMGN) Alters Supply Chain Pilot With Preliminary Rollout Sales Order

RMG Networks Holding Corporation (NASDAQ:RMGN) a global pioneer in technology-led visual communications, transformed one of its Visual Supply Chain pilots into a deal for the first phase of what has the prospect of being a major firm-wide release in 2017 and beyond.

The client, a $10 billion international manufacturing firm with 50 facilities globally, executed a pilot of company’s Visual Supply Chain offering in mid-2016, to plan its operations by enhancing productivity and internal communications at its distribution centers. This achievement of the distribution center model led to a secondary assignment awarded in last December for over $250,000 at one of firm’s manufacturing facilities.

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The customer gave RMG Networks to design and implement a pilot of company’s Visual Supply Chain solution, offering a unique internal communications software base, at one of the client’s key distribution centers in an attempt to record its productivity improvement objectives. RMG Networks’ internal communications software base includes synthesizing, displaying and aggregating real-time major performance pointers on digital signage displays.

As a result of expending the RMG stage, the customer witnessed a notable improvement in employee output, due to an upsurge in the flow and appropriateness of critical information to staffs. Based on the achievement noted during this pilot execution, the client is beginning to execute the RMG offering across a wider region of the customer’s distribution/ manufacturing network, starting with this added order, that was given in December.

Feedback from the client comprised praise for the crisp, clear and sharp screens being a remarkable tool to drive productivity and facilitate constant communication. Additionally, the distribution center manager stated that employee communication has enhanced and RMG’s supply chain offering will be integral in the day-to-day business practices in coming period. This success resulted in a sales order in the last quarter for a similar assignment in the firm’s manufacturing facility.

RMG Networks can be a top loser in NASDAQ stocks on Monday. In early trading session, the stock was trading in red with a decline of over 5% at $0.955.

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