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Runnels County Sheriff’s Office And Winters Police Department Join NASDAQ Stock COPsync Inc (NASDAQ:COYN)

COPsync Inc (NASDAQ:COYN), one of the leading NASDAQ Stock has announced that the Winters Police Department and the Runnels County Sheriff’s Office will join the information and communication network.

The COPsync Network brings together law enforcement agencies with the aim of sharing important information and exchange real-time information. The move is mainly targeted at protecting citizens from domestic terrorism and violence. Security and community officers are supplied with advance real-time warnings and crime progress notification. The system, when used properly, saves time and protects communities and citizens.

Carl Squyres, the newly elected Sheriff of Runnels County says part of his responsibilities is to step up technology of the Sheriff’s Office. He says COPsync Network is pivotal in providing real-time information to help in tracking criminals and interdicting criminal characters for the safety of officers and the community.

Interim Police Chief for the Winters Police Department, Paula Geyer says he is pleased to join the Runnels County law enforcement group operating on the COPsync Network. He adds that intelligence and information sharing, coordination among several county units and being able to locate office on time are some of the benefits that the law enforcement unit will bring.

COPsync CEO Mr. Ronald A. Woessner lauded Runnels County for being connected on the network saying the move will help in boosting security and protecting citizens and their property. He added that the network is in line with the federal government plan and the FirstNet program meant to connect first respondents to a common communication chaneel for purposes of sharing real-time information.

COPsync is a NASDAQ Stock technology firm that create a communication platform for security officer across the country for purposes of sharing real-time information. The office are able to share real-time and very critical intelligence. This helps create a secure working environment for the officers that protects citizens from such incidences like vehicle thefts, child kidnappings, and bank robberies among others. The system also gives officers critical information need to counter cases of terrorism.

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