Siemens AG (ADR) (OTCMKTS:SIEGY) – The First Choice As Partner

As per KLAS report, Siemens AG (ADR) (OTCMKTS:SIEGY) healthcare is one of the preferred vendors in partnership deals. The healthcare executives have ranked the company above all other imaging vendors, stating it as’ first choice as a partner.’ The recognition comes as preferred standard provider in the field of molecular imaging, interventional X-ray, MR, and CT.

The details

The health care providers face considerable reductions in medical imaging reimbursement. Therefore, they depend on partnerships with medical imaging equipment companies that involve healthcare provider using the same vendor across all fields. The move enables them to recognize additional sources of value. As per the KLAS Research firm, Siemens Healthcare unit is the designated vendor in more than 47% of prevailing partnership agreements. Also, it is only the company that health care executives will select over other vendors as their first choice for a partner.

The survey

KLAS research firm conducted a survey of 79 healthcare executives, who represent healthcare system with an average of 2,400 beds. Out of the total executives surveyed, 34% stated Siemens as their first preferred vendor. The percentage in favor of Siemens was much higher than any other company mentioned in the KLAS CxO Perceptions Report. These healthcare executives also reported the company as one of the vendors they would rarely avoid. Moreover, the survey identified that Siemens had fewest reported dissolved partnerships in the industry.

The appreciation

The healthcare executives that were surveyed appreciated Siemens reliability and mentioned the company as delivering the most innovative and advanced medical imaging technology. The survey identified Siemens Healthcare as the preferred standard in molecular imaging, interventional X-ray, magnetic resonance and computed tomography. The results highlighted that health care institutions and ‘Integrated Delivery Networks’ looking to gain market share in the industry preferred Siemens over other vendors. The company’s medical technology enables healthcare personnel in effective and timely diagnosis.

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