Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) Spreads Wings Further In Seattle

NASDAQ Stock Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) is intending to install a separated section for services of upgraded coffee brands in more than 20% of its outlets. The pricey Roastery Bars are an inspiration from the stand alone Roastery concept. They were originally launched in Seattle in the year 2014. This is expected to take place later in May this year.

The outlines of the new brand

The company will expand its range of brewing tactics as well as introduce the small-lot coffees. The new services include a line of six cold brewed nitro coffees and the root beer float which is a Starbucks cold brewed coffee that is poured over its own ice cream. It is expected meet high quality standards.

Princi takes over from Tom Douglas

Tom Douglas’s Serious Pie will continue to provide food supplies to Starbuck until May 1st. Then the high-end Italian bakery, Princi will take over. The executives from both Starbucks and Tom Douglas confirmed the parting on mutual grounds. Their parting was not related to sales performance, rather it was amicable. Princi’s supplies will be provided in all high End Roastery stores and Reserve coffee shops including the new stores anticipated to be opened. Starbucks has input resources in Princi and even became its licensee.

Target market and future goals

The main goals of Starbucks is to target the high end market. This will be captured by having top of the quality coffee and food as a bait for the market. In the long run, Starbucks intends to have about 20 to 30 new Roasteries. The very first of its kind was opened in 2014 in Capital Hill. There are also plans to

add around 1,000 Reserve stores and smaller cafes with a unique brewing methods resembling Roasteries as part of the company’s expansion program.

What is on the menu

Cold brew is a growing trend in the generally dull market. Its competitor, Stumptown introduced sparkling cold brew that is preserved in cans and it involves addition of soda water to the coffee concentrate. It seems like Starbucks is not the only one at it. Its expansion details will however increase its popularity in the market.

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