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Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) Undertakes The Plan To Expand Workforce Around The Globe

Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX), a top NASDAQ Stock, some time back made an announcement regarding its new move to add more than 240,000 jobs globally. The new declaration at the 25th shareholder’s Annual Meeting. This happens to be the last shareholder even that Howard Schultz is set to attend while serving the capacity of CEO. According to the inside sources, he will eventually be replaced by Kevin Johnson effective by April 3.

The Seattle-based coffee chain has numerous plans underway, one of them being the opening up of new stores in the United States. There are high expectations that indeed the new stores will skyrocket Starbucks’ unit count about 50%.

Starbucks Corporation is calling upon its investors to be confident and let it do what it does best and on that note it has pointed out to the 26,000 locations globally. The new announcement comes in sync with the management board’s plan to give a major boost to the provider’s global market share and that will be done through judiciously opening stores in both the new and existing markets. In line with this will be the remodeling of the existing stores, controlling of costs, brand building, product innovation and the deployment of technology.

At the moment, the market leader is opens one store every day in China. It surprised a lot of people when it lately entered the Italian market. Schultz will continue serving in the capacity of the executive chairman for Starbuck and he confidently made an announcement about the company’s plan to hire more veterans.

As a matter of fact, it hopes to employ quite a huge number of military veterans and their spouses come the year 2025.In addition, it give opportunities to “Opportunity Youth” which will happen somewhere in 2020.Opportunity youth simply refers the young unemployed persons who are most at time Latino or African American.

Most importantly, the top NASDAQ stock remains serious on its plans to hire 10,000 refugees around the globe. It is at this particular moment working with the United Nation’s Refugee Agency, a move that will help scale up its hiring of refuges. It made the new announcement after President Trump implemented the refugee ban.

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