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SUCCESS HOLDING GRP (OTCBB:SHGT) Decides To Invest In Its Sixth Series Inspirational Internet Short Film

Success Entertainment Group Inc., the fully owned subsidiary of SUCCESS HOLDING GRP (OTCBB:SHGT) has finally announced about its short movie. As per the report, it has made a significant investment in its sixth series inspirational internet short film titled “LOVE WALTZ.” Recently, it stated that it entered into a production (production and distribution) agreement with Shengda Movie Production, which would produce its short movie.

The Grand Opening Ceremony:

SUCCESS HOLDING GRP (OTCBB:SHGT) doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned in marketing its short inspirational movie, which is why it has made sure that maximum possible audience get to know about LOVE WALTZ. Right from the beginning of November 24, 2014, it has put in best possible efforts to make this movie a grand success. According to reports, quite a few prominent celebrities like actor David Wu, actress Cyndi Wang, and film director Yanming Chen attended the shooting launch program of LOVE WALTZ. After a fleshy opening ceremony, the shooting of this short movie started in the first half of December 2014 and going smooth since then.

As per the reports, the movie is being appreciated from the industry experts. Taiwan’s leading producer, Yanming Chen said in an interview that SUCCESS HOLDING has hired not only prominent actors, but also the second to none 4K movie equipment for LOVE WALTZ.

Steve Andrew Chen, the Chairman SHGT told reporters that the short movie market grew 100% in the previous year. With the current market growth and available opportunities in this sector, one can say that it can replace the traditional movie market in the near future. More and more prominent directors and actors are willing to work with internet based short movies, which is a good thing. He ended his statement saying that SUCCESS HOLDING GRP (OTCBB:SHGT) would look to invest in close to 20 Internet short films in 2015.

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