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SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ:SPWR) to Provide 130MW E-Series Solar Panels to France

SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ:SPWR) has signed a big supply contract provide 130 megawatts (MW) of its highly proficient E-series solar panels to the large-scale solar projects to France.

According to the latest news from NASDAQ the company won the first round of France’s tender course of action for their large-scale solar power plan. It will assemble most of these solar panels at its facility location in Toulouse, France. The Sunpower supply will comprise of 31 percent of the solar panels entailed for the projects.

The firm has in the past supplied 45 MW of modules for projects which are currently operating in La Compagnie du Vent. The solar panels will be established at 25 ground-mount and carport solar ventures.

According to SunPower Executive Vice President Eduardo Medina, the company is pleased to supply additional solar panels which will distribute power to both homes and businesses in France.

The first solar project was selected by the French developer Photosol to deliver power to established businesses in central and southwestern France. These individual projects escalated from providing 4.5 to 43 megawatts which amounted to the overall capacity of 106.5 MW.

Once completed, the plants will bring First Solar’s total installed capacity across Europe to roughly 4.5 GW. Photosol owns the projects, with Portuguese engineering firm Jayme da Costa Group set to provide EPC services.

The SunPower Executive Vice President announced that they are ready to play a key role in delivering competitive cost effective energy power that is highly reliable and has proven record of long-standing performance. They look forward to enhancing the use of a clean and the most renewable solar energy to France.

SunPower’s E-Series solar panels distribute effective and efficient performance that has low levels of degradation compared to other available technologies. It works by converting the largest percentage of sunlight into electricity hence producing more power. This helps consumers to save more on electricity bills.

France has continually tried to sustain the renewable energy program to consistently deal with its energy requirements. Their focus has been to make a considerable contribution to its people by ensuring access to a reliable and affordable clean power.

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