SUNX ENERGY, INC. (OTCMKTS:SNXG) Updates On Product Expansion Plans for 2015

SUNX ENERGY, INC. (OTCMKTS:SNXG) an established retailer firm of innovative energy saving offerings specializing in solar systems and novel moveable solar powered generators updated on product expansion plans for 2015.

The management view

Bill Schaefer, Sunx Energy’s CEO said that with the company’s continuing measures to enhance its presence in what the management feel is the huge unmet need for varying solar energy offerings with providing useful and practical solutions for the recreational and residential consumer, and as the Sunx moves forward as a reseller and distributor of Solar Panels, Solar Racking systems and Inverters to installers across the nation.

The product lines

Schaefer further added that as Sunx energy is focusing on creating additional product lines for its supply channel with solar products that are made and available from China via the Alibaba portal. Sunx will also locate and test products from China that will meet consumers’ needs in the rising industry.

The profile

Sunx Energy is a leading retailer company of turn-key energy saving items concentrating on complete solar solutions and the innovative portable solar based generators. All the equipments work on the latest technology. They have state-of-the-art features in it that meet the needs of residential as well as commercial customers. The company offers quality tested, warrantied and certified items direct to the clients at an affordable price.

The future ahead

The primary goal of Sunx is to offer alternative solar powered items to all the customers. The move will help the consumers to save a considerable amount of money. Also, it will help to transform the lives of people and make them more easy and comfortable. The company intends to come up with the practical products that can meet the rising energy requirement of the industry. Sunx would concentrate upon installing innovative products across the country in the coming months.

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