Surna Inc (OTCMKTS:SRNA) To Ship The Beta Version Of Surna Reflector

Surna Inc (OTCMKTS:SRNA) a manufacturing, installation and engineering company specializing in commercial indoor marijuana cultivation technology stated that it intends to ship the beta version of Surna Reflector in next two weeks. The company will release fifty of energy saving reflectors for beta testing amongst renowned industry consultants and commercial cannabis cultivation facilities between multiple states that approved cannabis cultivation including Washington and Colorado.

The product

Surna’s reflector comes in three design configurations forced-air, liquid-cooled and vented. The technology used in the reflector supports cannabis cultivation operations with light on target capabilities and superior heat transfer resulting in massive reduction in energy consumption. It is a huge benefit as it results in significant lower operating expenses. All fifty beta units shipping in first launch are going to be the liquid-cooled variety.

The uses

The water-cooled variety is planned for use together with liquid cooling platform. By lining with the platform with the advanced reflector, the company offers the ultimate cooling solution for the marijuana cultivation at lower cost of ownership compared to other available solutions. The forced-air and vented Reflectors designed by Surna can be utilized on any garden facility irrespective of the climate control platform.

The significance

Surna’s reflector intends to solve two major issues related to cultivation facilities. The two problems are lightning efficiency and energy consumption. The air-liquid heat exchanger can considerably minimize the high temperatures resulted from grow light fixtures. Thus, it helps to reduce energy costs. With respect to problem of lighting efficiency, the product uses compound parabola morphology, which directs light efficiently onto canopy. The new products offers huge scope as Indoor cannabis cultivation is recognized as being an energy-intensive industry. Therefore, there is always pressure on connected power grids. The retail market results in a significant need for energy efficient and price competitive technologies in the cannabis grow industry.

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