Surna Inc (OTCMKTS:SRNA) Updates On The Shipment of Groundbreaking Reflector

Surna Inc (OTCMKTS:SRNA) a specialized manufacturing, installation and engineering Company active in commercial indoor cannabis growing technology said that it will ship the first beta version of Surna Reflector. It will release fifty of its light Reflectors for beta check to several commercial cannabis growing facilities and industry consultants in multiple states. The reflectors would be sent for beta test only in the states that have approved cannabis cultivation including Washington and Colorado.

The models

Surna Said that the groundbreaking reflector are available in three design models. The three types are vented reflector, forced-air reflector, and liquid-cooled reflector. The engineering within the reflector helps cannabis cultivation activities with technologically superior capabilities. It has heat transfer and light on target features that helps in lower energy consumption. Also, the reflector reduces operating expenses. The company disclosed that the first shipment of 50 beta units is of the liquid-cooled variety.

The update

Surna informed that the other two types of reflectors, forced-air and vented reflectors can be installed on any cultivation area irrespective of the climate control platform. The water-cooled model of the reflector had to be used together with liquid-cooling platform. The growers can combine the platform with the latest reflector technology to achieve the ultimate cooling solution. It helps to attain the lower cost of ownership compared to other solutions.

The use

Surna stated that the reflectors can solve two major drawbacks associated with cultivation facilities. The first problem is of lightning efficiency and second is of energy consumption. The air-liquid heat exchanger helps the growers to control the high temperatures resulting from grow light fixtures. As the energy consumption reduces, the growers can save considerably on energy costs. In addition, the model uses compound parabola morphology that is useful in achieving lightning efficiency.

In last trading session, Surna share price declined 3.13% to close at $0.155 with share volume of 807,773.

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