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Teenager Rescued With The Help Of COPsync Inc (NASDAQ:COYN) Advanced Technology

COPsync Inc (NASDAQ:COYN) in giving its statement credited COPsync Network™ for the great role it played towards assisting the Police Department identify and rescue a teenager believed to have been missing for some time now. COPsync Network happens to be one of the most highly advanced communication and information sharing system centers which play major roles towards offering citizens with the protection they need from both domestic terrorism and violence. Officer and community security was given a major lift considering that advance warnings about the potentially dangerous persons as well as real-time notifications showcasing ongoing crimes were forwarded and that was an important move towards beefing up community security.

The COPsync911™ threat-alert system has over the years played a significant role towards helping boost security in schools as well as the other terrorism “hot-bed” areas such as government buildings, courthouses, and energy infrastructure.

In Junction, TX, the law enforcement officer was in one of the traffic “routine” stops whereas on the part of the nation’s law enforcement officers, the term routine was not taken with the sort of seriousness it deserved. The officer set out to strike a conversation with a teenage female passenger traveling in the vehicle. The officer grew more concerned and suspicious too. He suspected that there was more to the issue than what he was obtaining from the people onboard.

Futile attempts were made on various platforms regarding the girl’s whereabouts. Finally, the investigating officer of the law reached out to the officer operating a patrol vehicle fitted with access to the COPsync Network. It was soon declared that the teenager was indeed missing! This comes as the second time in a matter of weeks where COPsync Network  was acknowledged with assisting stop an ongoing crime.

The same system was the one that helped nub two North Carolina murder suspects. “Combined with the quick thinking of police, the COPsync law enforcement real-time information sharing and communication Network is a life-saving tool. In this instance, a teenage girl was rescued from a dangerous and unknown fate. At the Child Safety Network, we advocate for the well-being of children every day, and we applaud the law enforcement and schools that use COPsync technology to keep children safer. “Said Ward E. Leber, a COPsync board member and also founder of the Child Safety Network.

COPsync may soon be enjoying a rise in the NASDAQ stock rating.

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