Telupay International Inc (OTCMKTS:TLPY) And Xytrix Sign MOU To Manufacture “Tap-Tap” Payment Kiosks

There is a massive need for secure mobile banking and other payment solutions in today’s time where online fraud and theft incidents have become a part of everyday life. Telupay International Inc (OTCMKTS:TLPY) is known for providing best in class payment and mobile banking solutions in the country. As per the reports, it has signed an MOU with Xytrix to manufacture “Tap-Tap” Payment Kiosks.

Insights On The Matter:

Reports claim that ”Tap-Tap” Payment Kiosks are self-service kiosks where there is no need for any manpower. Xytrix is known for providing hardware to be used in various machines. With the help of Telupay’s aggregator services and payment technologies, Filipino consumer can pay bills, buy mobile airtime, top-up cards, convenience restaurants and stores, conduct remittance, prepay for electricity, etc.

The primary objective of Telupay management is to install 1000 kiosk by the end of 2Q2016 in various strategic locations like call centers, convenience stores, Philippines EPZAs factories, and BPOs. Management of the company looks forward to installing these kiosks successfully. Adrian Ansell, CEO, Telupay, states that the installation of self-service kiosks is an integral part of Telupay’s yearly strategy to establish ‘Tap-Tap’ as a prominent brand in Philippines.

As per the reports, the company will put an expert with each payment kiosks initially to introduce it to the public and convey them the way it works. Telupay expects that each self-service kiosk will generate at least 120-150 transactions each day after some time. Dan Evangelista, President of Xytrix, considers it an amazing opportunity. According to him, it’s a great opportunity for Xytrix to show its efficacy. The company looks forward to a long term relationship with Telupay.

He states that the technology has touched new heights in today’s time, and Telupay’s initiative to install self-service payment kiosks is a wonderful example of that. As the time passes, the demand for such platforms will increase in the country.

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