Telupay International Inc (OTCMKTS:TLPY) Closes In Deep Red

Telupay International Inc (OTCMKTS:TLPY) was selected as a new pick company by Stocktips. However, the company has been a big disappointment as it plunged more than 54% to close at $0.0790 in last trading session. It failed to extend its gains after Statler announced it as his biggest stock pick ever.

The disappointment

Telupay has not turned out to be Stocktips way falling prey to massive shorting that its stocks has been unable to counter. TLPY share price tried to post minor gains last week and succeeded to close in green zone on Friday’s trading session. Telupay International is the latest favorite company of Godzilla Stocktips of ‘TGRO’ fame. It is a reputed name in the market as it has successfully promoted many companies including WELL POWER INC (OTCMKTS:WPWR), Ecrypt Technologies Inc (OTCBB:ECRY) and ALKAME HOLDINGS INC (OTCMKTS:ALKM).

The offerings

As per the report, AC anticipates to get almost $4.6 million as marketing funds for the distribution and production of Telupay promotion material from an unaffiliated third firm, Laluna Services, Inc. The company worked on the advanced and secure form of mobile banking payments technology, particularly developed for operators, financial institutions, credit card companies, banks and micro-finance. It also offers customized solutions and applications and continuously works on new products that pave way for additional revenue options for its clients.

Mobile banking payments technology

TelUPay’s Mobile banking payments technology is a preferred technology application by banks that have secure encryption technology in internal structure. It is provided to both the bank and customers. The technology acts as a cover for various offerings including money transfers, P2P remittances, merchant payments, bill payments, balance inquires and many more. The application provides convenience to the users at the least possible cost. Statler of Stocktips stated that TLPY has yet to flex its muscles, indicating that the stock is ready to take off this week.

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