Telupay International Inc (OTCMKTS:TLPY) Migrates To Digital Telecommunications Philippines

In order to take its revenues to greater heights, Telupay International Inc (OTCMKTS:TLPY) has decided to migrate to Digital Telecommunications Philippines, which is one of the most renowned providers of airtime. The primary reason for this migration is nothing but the beyond compare performance of Digital Telecommunications that it has put in to enhance the revenues for Telupay in Philippines. Apart from revenues, it has also done excellent work to elevate the reliability and coverage of Telupay in Philippines.

Management’s Call:

Digital Communications is one of the most sought after airtime providers of the country, and this migration will help both the companies to surge their overall performances and revenues in the near future. Even though Telupay’s airtime service has been doing good for the last couple of years, but the management of the company thinks that this migration can help the company to touch greater milestones. Adrian Ansell, Chief Executive Officer of Telupay, looked delighted to announce this deal.

He stated that this migration deal didn’t only help the company to enhance its revenues, but also made it possible to receive higher margins. Apart from the monetary benefits, Telupay has also enjoyed better reach, reliability and coverage in the Philippines market. Reports claim that total margins of Telupay have increased by 15% to 25% since the time this migration took place. Even though the company has different ways to generate revenues, but still it has been making more than 50% of total revenues through selling airtime to all of its mobile banking subscribers.

Digital Telecommunications is a part of JG Summit Group, which has interests in the airline business, food & beverages, banking, publishing, property, and telecommunications field. JG Summit Group is considered as one of the largest and most sought after business conglomerates in the country. Telupay hopes that this migration will help it expanding operations in Philippines in the near future.

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