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TerraVia Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:TVIA) And Univar In New Distribution Agreement For Whole Algae Products

AlgaVia® brand is a result of the new agreed upon distribution agreement made by TerraVia Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:TVIA) and Univar. The food ingredients distributors with operations from Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) have introduced the new brand, which consists of whole algae ingredients. The invention of the algae-only ingredient-based productis set to make known the importance and advantages of algae as a superfood.

As a brand, they have heeded to consumer demands to introduce clean and natural food products that have no animal content and arefree of allergens. According to Abigail Dillon, Product and Marketingcoordinator at EMEA, Univar, the conjunction with TerraVia will lead to the introduction of algae-based ingredients in to the market in Europe.

Simeon Atkins, EMEA’s industry director at Univar Foods commented that TerraVia’s new portfolio complements the company’s approach and direction the business is taking. In addition, the company’s ethics and values is greatly inspiring and will enable customers to manufacture next generation of food products. These will support emerging food trends in the 2017 marketplace.

TerraVia’s new portfolio includes a fresh range of Whole Algae products. They include Lipid-Rich; available in cream as well as golden selections. These can be used to replace dairy material and eggs for daily usage such as baking and in ingredients found in desserts and beverages. Exclusion of animal-derived ingredients reduces consumed calories, presence saturated fats, as well as cholesterol. All the while, great taste and texture n the product is maintained in the product.

Also in the range are Protein-Rich Whole Algae which have a 63% over-all of protein and digestive ability of 88%. The Protein Rich Whole Algae have essential amino acids that surpass the amount in standard whey by a six-time calculation. These can be used in beverages and food-stuff such as snacks and bakery products which are used for the sake of protein enrichment.

Mark Brooks, General Manager at TerraVia Food Ingredients ascertains that with growth of plant-based foods and increased demand for clean, natural and healthy foods by consumers, the new range of Whole Algae products will get their place in shelves across numerous grocery aisles. Univar’s and TerraVia’s partnership will also assure capability of allergen-free, natural and plant-based products to spread across the globe to European audiences.

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