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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Will Take Action On Those Abusing The Supercharger Stations

Tesla Motors Inc’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) Supercharger stations are proving to have an excellent capability that will make long road trips possible.  Word has it that the DC fast-charging stations can refill most of an electric car’s charge in 30 minutes. This in return gives owners of Tesla cars a juicy and convenient ride all over the US. To top to all this, they are currently free to use before Tesla can decide on a charging fee.

However, several Tesla owners have expressed their disappointment in regards to the use of the Supercharger stations. Crowding is very common because some drivers park and leave their cars at the station even after charging. Many complainers have sent Tweets to Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk citing inconsiderate fellow Supercharger users. However, Musk who has confirmed that the lack of decorum is becoming an issue has promised to take action. He agrees that Supercharger spots are meant for charging and not for parking.

But what exactly will Musk do to sort this mess out?

There are various speculations on the steps that Musk will take to help his rightfully disgruntled customers get back their much-needed Juicy rides. Some of the suggestions that floated on Twitter included charging users a fee every time the cost escalates to a certain level. Another option was the introduction of an automated self-driving system, which moves the car elsewhere when it is fully juiced up. However, the question is, how will Musk and Tesla get drivers to drive their cars immediately after charging?

But a new policy may at least cut down on traffic at the stations

We all love free things, which more often than not we end up abusing just like in the case of Tesla’s Supercharger stations. However, the impending policy of stopping free lifetime Supercharger access is expected to cut down on traffic at the stations. Cars ordered after January 1 will be the first while those ordered in 2017 will enjoy approximately 1,000 free hours. Nonetheless, they will be required to pay an indefinite fee after that.

The usage fee is likely to deter the majority of Model 3 owners from parking their cars at their stations. But on the other hand, many drivers may not be enthusiastic about payment which could affect the level of traffic at the stations. The results of the concept are yet to be seen. Meanwhile, Tesla’s stock was trading at $198.69 witnessing an increase of $0.54 or 0.27%.

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