TEXTMUNICATION HOLDI (OTCMKTS:TXHD) Enters Into Revenue Share Deal With LeadBox.com

TEXTMUNICATION HOLDI (OTCMKTS:TXHD) entered into a revenue share deal with LeadBox.com. As per the deal, the company finalized a non-exclusive license agreement. It will offer LeadBox.com with access to some of the proprietary campaign management functionality. Also, it will be able to send automated SMS texts to LeadBox.com’s clients.

The significance

LeadBox is associated with almost 5000 Health Clubs. As per the deal with TEXTMUNICATION HOLDI (OTCMKTS:TXHD), It will be assisting to enroll Health Clubs on month-on-month basis at a fee of $99-$199 per club per month. It will also include many add-on benefits effective April 15, 2015. Only after all clubs are enrolled, it will start with the plan

The management view

 Wais Asefi, the President of Textmunication Holdings, said that the company is experiencing a extraordinary success with current partners in respect to integration solution. The model deployed with current associates is exactly what the gyms are looking for. The management is in discussion and planning phase on implementing with the other known Health and Fitness club providers the company meet at IHRSA.

The profile

LeadBox.com is an industry pioneer in creating contest lead generation boxes, serving a niche segment that encompasses several types of industries. It commenced its journey with a single plastic box some twenty years ago, and has developed more than hundred additional marketing items for several industries.

The focus

Textmunication new associate LeadBox.com product lines focuses on items useful for guerilla marketing, a highly cost effective and common approach to marketing. The company has thousands of satisfied repeat clients and customers, from “mom and pop” businesses to big national corporations. It is unique in the industry as all sign displays and plastic boxes are manufactured in their Los Angeles, California factory and offered directly to the customers. The particular form of model keeps the products affordable and reduces delivery times.

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