That Marketing Solution Inc(OTCBB:TSTS) Update On Production Order of Micellized Ingredient

That Marketing Solution Inc(OTCBB:TSTS) proudly announced its first order to fabricate a micellized element using their recently acquired ‘Aqua V Manufacturing Process’. The task has to be done for a third firm. As per the constraints led by NDA, the company will keep the details of the client and specific ingredients secret. However, That Marketing mentioned that the client is a renowned market leader with a strong position in a specific billion-dollar market.

It’s just the start

Matt Smith, the President, said that it is just the beginning of orders. That Marketing Solution Inc(OTCBB:TSTS) Inc(OTCBB:TSTS) expects to get many more orders in future from this particular client. It is a beginning of long-term association. There is something unique and different with the micellized production process that can provide customers with a competitive edge over the peers. The specialized micellized manufacturing method converts oil-based nutrients into water solvent goods for improved cell absorption.

The technology

That Marketing Aqua V technology is a vital scientific development that increases the nutritional impact of bio-nutrients to the human body. It decreases content of raw ingredients that are must to produce the nutritional formula. Some of the bio-nutrients that people take are fat-soluble. It is, therefore, necessary to break down supplement in parts. The bio-nutrient left over in the process should be used for uptake. The proprietary technology makes the uptake fast, and there is no bio-waste left after the process. The formulators can achieve maximum gains with less quantity of active ingredients.

The acquisition

That Marketing executed a purchase deal of AquaV Asses with Smith and Sorensen on November 28, 2014. The company purchased the method for dispersing, flavoring, solubilizing, extending and stabilizing the release of several substances for use in cosmetic, skin care, pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmeceutical and nutritional care. It also acquired solubilization equipment, self-contained custom tanks, and bench-top solubilization equipment.

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