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The Green Rush Of Our Time: Marijuana; mCig Inc (MCIG), NORTH AMERICAN CANNABIS HOLDINGS, INC (USMJ), Hemp Inc (HEMP), Pharmacyte Biotech Inc (PMCB)

Anyone who has been up to date with news knows that the marijuana sector is the gold rush of our time. The industry is significantly growing and does not look to be slowing down anytime soon. According to researchers at The ArcView Group, a research firm concentrated on marijuana, it is the “fastest-growing industry in the United States.” Within the next two years, and with elections coming up, the market is only growing to grow even more. Reaching $2.6 billion in 2014, and expecting to go even higher by the end of 2015, years beyond us are incredibly profitable.

mCig Inc (OTCMKTS:MCIG) has capitalized on the marijuana industry by combining it with technology, another exponentially growing market. The company’s main priority is manufacturing technologies and services for medical and legal recreational marijuana industries throughout the world. In order to expand markets, products are distributed through various channels and sub-distributors throughout the America, Europe, and Asia. In addition, mCig Inc. “provides a complete line of products, technology, and services, including turnkey growing environments; security services; software and information technology; consulting services; financing and more.”

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On Monday morning, mCig Inc (OTCMKTS:MCIG) announced that they signed a Master Distribution Agreement with CBD Globe Distributors Ltd. CBD Globe Distributors Ltd. is based in London and owner of the má brand; the brand specializes in reaching an energetic audience with their CBD products. “MCIG is rapidly expanding its dominance in the CBD Vape market by signing the high end Vape line má to complement its existing product lines,” CEO of mCig Inc., Paul Rosenberg, said. “The MCIG – CBD Globe combination is the fastest road to global distribution and cross border cooperation. Given the huge scale of both the European and US markets, this agreement will provide a unique catalyst for the rapid expansion of both má and MCIG product lines.” Since this news, MCIG has trade with a volume of 1,700,521 and seen lows of $0.027 and grown 18.52% to highs of $0.032.

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