The New Age of Online Marketing Starts with Targeting The Right Audience

The world is changing by the minute. People and businesses have become technologically dependent mainly with the uses of their cellular smart phones. Nowadays an iPhone 6+ and a Tablet can practically do anything a computer can. Companies are discovering new marketing techniques and tips everyday to help theirs and other businesses thrive. ENTERTAINMENT ARTS (OTCMKTS:EARI) provides services and products to educate, inform and entertain. How do they do capture all three key aspects you ask? The company creates, develops and publishes apps, online educational programs, video games, web content and interactive media.

The company recently put out a press release providing shareholders with a corporate update and business outlook for the second half of 2015. In that press release it states that EARI has signed the needed paperwork to begin the transition of GoLoyal to Entertainment Arts Research. GoLoyal provides innovative, state of the art custom email marketing campaigns, such as Facebook, email marketing, social media marketing, management and web design. The company has also completed the purchase of the intellectual assets of Sail Marketing. Sail Marketing targets client database informational gathering and managing the client’s customer information.

Mark Gibbs the President of EARI states, “To have a successful marketing campaign you have to market to the right target audience. What separates EARI from our competitors is we are working with our clients to pinpoint their target audience by collecting the customer information that will help them understand what their customers are looking for with Sail Marketing’s data mining databases technology. Then we will set up email and social media programs for our clients’ customers using GoLoyal’s patented email and social marketing campaigns,” He continues with, “EARI now has multiple ways for our clients to market to their customers through email marketing, social media, customer surveys, website interaction, developing games and apps that can be featured on EARI’s boutique app platform in Daily App Dream.”

In the future the company has suggested that with the expansion of the company’s services, it can further develop its revenue model with additional acquisitions, for instance a search optimization company. EARI is also looking to expand its educational programs and gaming projects. The company not only understands the concept of marketing but they understand the concept of targeting the right cliental for their product or customer’s product. Demographics play a crucial role in a successful marketing campaign.

About Entertainment Arts Research Company

Entertainment Arts Research Inc. is a company that provides services and products that educate, inform and entertain users. The Company creates, develops and publishes apps, online educational programs, video games, web content and interactive entertainment. Using our international team of award winning designers. Entertainment Arts Research Inc. creates a new vision for traditional businesses looking for a global position. The Company designs, implements, and leverages a precision brand that uses the latest technological and analytical strategies for new streams of revenue.

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