This is the third date out of only 36 will occur this

Happy Palindrome Day Why Evolution Is True

Theologian John Haught refuses to canada goose jacket uk release video of our debateIt 11/02/2011 (the way we Americans write dates) one of those rare dates that read the same backwards and forwards. This is the third date out of only 36 will occur this millennium (the last was January 2, 2010).

canadian goose jacket It not Palindrome Day in most of canada goose outlet michigan the world. canadian goose jacket

canada goose uk black friday It not pedantry when you date your Cheque to me as I am not able to figure out whether I can cash it in January or February. (Worse yet, your other cheque to me dated 11 09 12 could be any of three different dates I call the US office about my broken widget with its one year warranty. My warranty receipt is dated 01 12 2010, but the US office thinks that I bought the Widget a year ago last January. That a problem. canada goose uk black friday

Using numbers to emulate speech is not nearly as sensible as using numbers to quantify a numeric value according to normal mathematical conventions. Your Odometer makes good numerical sense; your speech doesn ISO standard makes sense because it is unambiguous and adheres to good mathematical conventions. The world would be a little better place if we all recognized that ambiguous numerical dating conventions should be thrown onto the same pile of out of date conventions like measuring both volume and weight with units like or using Quarts and Gallons without qualifying whether you mean US or Imperial. These archaic systems are clumsy and far too colloquial. In the interest of clear communication, let just move on.

canada goose coats on sale I don disagree that there are good reasons for a standard date format, especially when dealing with stored information that may cross borders of convention. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Outlet But if you have a it wasn written in the US, and won be dated as MM/DD/YYYY. Canada Goose Outlet

Being able to deduce the correct meaning of a token based on context is pretty basic stuff. If you trying to cash a check in the US, it safe to say that 02 01 2012 is February 1, 2012.

canada goose uk shop Likewise, if the time is given as thirty you need to know that the US has a convention for using 12 hour time segments, labelled AM and PM, and that the fact that it dark out is pretty good evidence for it being 19:30 on a 24 hour clock. canada goose uk shop

These same basic faculties are what let us know whether something that is not heavy, or not dark (or not chock full of calories).

canada goose Yes, there still room for ambiguity, and it can sometimes cause problems. But if you think presenting a lecture on ISO standards will have any effect on long standing conventions of an entire population, you kidding yourself. And behaving canada goose outlet los angeles smugly. canada goose

Canada Goose Online if you have a “cheque”, it wasn’t written in the US, and won’t be dated as MM/DD/YYYY. Canada Goose Online

(Try and explain that on the phone to a US clerk from North Carolina when they think you post dated the cheque One would have to be pretty stupid to use an unqualified format for something like that.)

This is canada goose factory outlet not a region specific problem though. Some of us live in a not so uniform, multicultural world where people use multiple conventions canada goose outlet in uk without explanation. Here in Canada, people use both conventions of dd/mm or mm/dd interchangeably without clarification. (Some are perhaps more influenced by the conventions of our neighbour to the South.) When I shop locally, the receipts from purchases are just as likely to use the US convention as the European format.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Not only are there potential misunderstandings with canada goose outlet this situation but it is simply a hassle to have to constantly convert formats. To submit my professional billings to our Socialized medical Services Plan I am obliged by the Gov software to use the mm/dd/yyyy format as I read the dates from the Gov hospital records which are coded in ddMMMyyyy. It just nuts. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Yes, many of us like amateur detectives, have figured out that Americans are likely using the mm dd yyyy format but it canada goose outlet kokemuksia ain canada goose outlet us always so canada goose outlet authentic simple. It canada goose victoria parka outlet is an issue a quite unnecessary source canada goose outlet new york city of confusion. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

The sooner we can all agree that ambiguity in numeric datings is stupid, the sooner we can move onto an unambiguous standardized format that can be misunderstood.

canada goose clearance sale Thanny, I an American and even canada goose outlet legit I think our canada goose outlet ottawa system is dumb. We canada goose outlet online uk should be using 24 hour time, most significant to least significant date ordering (not the European system, either), and SI units. Yes, it hard to change the behaviors of a whole canada goose outlet canada population, but other countries have survived the metric switch and I canada goose outlet sale pretty sure we could survive more widespread official adoption of these conventions as well. It doesn even have to canada goose outlet in usa be a big government mandate on social behavior rather, if the canada goose outlet nyc government simply starts requiring itself to use these conventions, the rest of us will follow along eventually. The only reason it hasn happened yet is inertia/indifference. But it should happen, and I expect it will eventually. canada goose clearance sale

cheap Canada Goose Oh, I largely agree. canada goose outlet houston I use 24 hour time myself whenever possible, largely because canada goose outlet store montreal I have no constant schedule, and there have been several occasions where it taken me a minute to figure out whether the time was 06:00 or 18:00. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Parka I don have an intuitive grasp canada goose outlet vancouver on metric units, but would happily force myself to develop one if a switch was made. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose black friday sale Regarding the date format, I disagree strongly that the US is the outlier, and to blame for ambiguity. Nations that place canada goose outlet store quebec the day before the month are just as culpable. The ordering of the numbers in a canada goose outlet orlando standard format doesn matter for human use. Using year month day is a convenience for computer programmers (such as myself), who can use text based sorting instead of canada goose outlet uk fake parsing the date into components. Provided, of course, that the values are zero padded. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose clearance I don pretend to know what it would take for 7 billion people to all use the same methods for writing down times, dates, and measurements. I just find it amusing whenever someone pontificates about it, as if that the answer. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket The Canadian federal government adopted ISO 8601 some time ago. Rare is the Canadian that is canada goose outlet location aware of that, unless they do business with the feds. buy canada goose jacket

As with many things, our southern neighbours corrupt our attempts to join the rest of the world in using sensible standards. Wishy washy Canadians can expect to see any of these date standards used in their news media or correspondence, often more than one implementation in the same document.

cheap canada goose uk The nice thing about having so many different standards is canada goose parka outlet that you get to chose the one you like best! cheap canada goose uk

Just one thing The US military uses that DD/MM/YYYY notation. So there is a substantial population the in the US who recognize it. Furthermore, we canada goose outlet toronto location often used metric systems for measurements, especially when cooperating and collaborating with our international counterparts. (Ammunition is often rendered as (N)mm. Caliber is for the old farts. And we drink liters of beer, not fluid ounces.)

canada goose uk outlet And to beat the horse into dust Veterans Day is for those of us who served and survived, Memorial Day is for those who served and died, and Armed Forces Day is for those still serving canada goose uk outlet.

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