TITAN MEDICAL INC (OTCMKTS:TITXF) announced that it achieved the next major landmark in the development process of the SPORT™ Surgical System. It complete with the design and testing initiatives of feasibility prototype. The progress reflects practicability to develop a next generation workstation, as well as advanced instruments.

The management view

Dennis Fowler, who is the Executive VP of Titan Medical’s Clinical and Regulatory Affairs division, said hat the company is delighted to complete the important target as planned. The system will offer highly advanced instruments on a smaller and affordable mobile base that covers 3D high definition imaging. Also, it features an ergonomic workstation with tailored master controllers and hand pieces. The team believes that the unique SPORT Surgical System will be utilized for a wide range of abdominal surgery indications including urologic procedures, general surgery and gynecologic.

The system

John Hargrove, the CEO and Chairman of TITAN MEDICAL INC (OTCMKTS:TITXF), said that the features of the unique SPORT Surgical System have been verified by voice of customer input. The management believes that the SPORT Surgical System will enable the clients to achieve a significant return on investment financially, operationally and clinically. He congratulated the entire team on the accomplishment and said that he look forward to report further progress in the development of key technology.

The profile

Titan Medical is a reputed Canadian public company focused on the development of a mechanized surgical system to be used in minimally invasive surgery. Its SPORT™ Surgical System is under development. It consists of a surgeon-controlled robotic base that covers a 3D vision system and innovative instruments for conducting MIS procedures. It also features a surgeon workstation that gives the surgeon with an interface to the platform for controlling the instruments. It also provides a clear 3D endoscopic view of patient’s internal body during MIS procedures. It is being develop to expand robotic surgery into both complex and simple areas of surgical specialties.

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