Top Listed Airlines FlyingThe Boeing 787 Dreamliner

It won’t be wrong to claim that theBoeing Co(NYSE:BA) 787 Dreamliner, that initiated its first flight in 2011 for ANA,that commercial aviation margins are spreading wider and wider.

The 787 aircraft is a smaller plane, which can carry enough fuel to fly to larger distances. On the basis of this, many routes have been opened, which were closed for access previously. Around 230 aircrafts have been shipped to 60 customers by Boeing.

Aircraft 787 has a Goldilocks effect on routes where it has flown due to its just right size. In the past, Boeing 747 and 777,along with the Airbus A340, had been needed to fly longer routes, because of their fuel carrying capacity. The bigger aircrafts could seat more hundreds more passengers than the 787,but lacked sufficient demand to fill them.

Let’s briefly look at the most innovative 787 routesthat could not have been flown without this aircraft’s unique capabilities

Top first: San Francisco-Chengdu

The flight that was made by United San Francisco on 9th June last year was the first ever to fly without any stops before departing from North America to China. It wasbecause of the aircraft’s efficient usage of fuel and was a good start up for various frontiers in air travel. UAoperates its 787-7 with 219 seats.

Top second: London-Austin

This began with a 5/week flight schedule. The flights that were operated by this airline comprised of approximately 96,973 passengers from March to December. This further encouraged the passenger count in airports for year 2014 rising at 7% with 10.7 million passengers.

Top third: Shanghai-Boston

Japan Air Lines, is a very early customer of 787, which launched the Tokyo Narita-Boston services, an approximately 6,719 mile flight.

Top forth: Stockholm-Oakland

There was a common belief amongst many that 787 is something of a luxury in being used for longer haul routes just to attract the elite class. But this certainly was not the case with Norwegian Air Shuttle, that packs the 787 with 291 seats/each – 9 seats across in coach and seven across in 32 premium economy seats.

The airline began to start up its flights from Oakland International Airport to Stockholm in May, 2014 (a distance of 5,354 miles, and to Oslo, a distance of 5,207 miles). Around US$236 was an initial one way cost for both routes. The flights connecttwo Scandinavian capitals to the Bay Area without any layovers.

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