In last trading session, TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) touched a high of $0.08 only to take a u-turn and close back in red. The stocks declined almost 1% to close at $0.0664.At the start of the day, investors were delighted with the news of product shipment of its key product Rocky Mountain High Hemp drinks to, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN). The company confirmed that the drinks has been palletized as per the retailer’s specifications and now are ready to be shipped to Amazon’s three regional warehouses.

The update

Totally Hemp beverages have been loaded into the retailer’s system, which indicates that the interested buyers can get email alerts as and when the product becomes available for sale. As of now, the company has received numerous inquiries related to number of containers of beverage product to be shipped to the Amazon warehouse. Totally Hemp is in the process of starting negotiations talks and will soon provide samples of the beverages to the eligible parties upon request.

The management view

Jerry Grisaffi, the founder of Totally Hemp, said that the initial production of Rocky Mountain High Hemp and getting it shipped from the Minnesota Bottling facility has been a tough experience but the team is working out to solve the problems and implementing safeguards. The steps are taken to restrict the problems as a one-time occurrence.

The expectations

The management of Totally Hemp paid gratitude to all its clients, investors and trade partners for showing patience in the long process. It took longer than usual to produce the beverages and get it to market. The company is looking forward with confidence the much-awaited launch of Rocky Mountain High hemp product line on, the leading e-commerce online platform. Grisaffi also said that the company will also launch a social media campaign planned by RHINO Marketing Worldwide.

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