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TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) had recently been seeing immense action in the stock market. With its share value rising to $0.29, the company has seen an unexpected fall. The reason behind this fall is yet to be determined. The company has been attracting significant attention from the investors and decided to use this opportunity to build a loyal investor base.

The company deals in hemp beverages, which though is illegal in some States but is gaining fast popularity. With recent developments, the company aimed to become a premier choice for hemp beverage lovers worldwide. The company recently announced the release of Rocky Mountain High hemp beverages, manufactured at the cold spring’s brewery in Minnesota. The first batch comprised of 4,100 cases for Amazon, which were sold like hot cakes. An additional 45,000 cases are to follow and are due to be on the shelves in two weeks time. This pilot run made the new beverage rise to the top, as Amazon rated it as #1 in the new products category.

These excellent runs are the reason behind the accelerated rise that the company’s stock has been seeing. Furthermore, to make the most of this situation, the company has planned to sign a number of distribution deals. The company seems to have been following the plan of action it announced in December. It is initially concentrating on its High Hemp Tea, High Hemp Lemonade and High Hem Energy Drink. It plans to move further and go for alcoholic beverages as well, which is due in spring 2015.

With the huge demand for the company’s hemp based products, which is expected to surge once other States legalize hemp, it is not surprising to see the company’s stock surge. Furthermore, as the company gets ready to release more product lines, it is only a matter of time before it recovers from this unexpected crash and moves further than ever before.

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