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TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) Receives Private Placement For Rocky Mountain High Beverages

TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) recently announced that it had finished the execution of private placement deal to fund its production run for the week. As per the reports, this production run was related to its Rocky Mountain High Hemp-Infused Beverages. The company announced well in advance that it had placed close to 8,000 cases of Iced Tea, Hemp-Infused Lemonade, and energy drinks.

Insights On The Matter:

Management of the company looks forward to the private placement and many such deals in the near future. The founder of Totally Hemp Jerry Grisaffi stated that the company was in talks with its funding partners. Totally Hemp wants to launch a Hemp-Infused ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage product in the near future. For that, it needs significant funding from its partners. The initial meetings between the company representatives and the funding partners took place some time back, but the final result is not yet known.

The industry is growing very fast, and Totally Hemp doesn’t want to miss out any opportunity. Grisaffi states that the market conditions are going to improve month by month; hence, Totally Hemp will try its best to come up with more than twelve Hemp-Infused beverage products over the course of next 12 months. In order to match with the current market trends, it will look forward to launching the new products under the latest names. Some of the examples are-Tequila Sunrise, Hemp-a-Rita, Sex on the Beach, Fiery Hell and Screw Driver.

The company has already shortlisted a wide range of the industry leader to meet and discuss the plans. The only problem that it is facing as of now is financing of the project. It will try to finish other things as soon as possible, once the finance for the project is arranged. According to the reports, it wants to arrange financing package, which is friendly to the company, as well as investors. Final decision of Totally Hemp will be made public in a few days time.

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