TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) announced that as a result of the Florida Road Show, a deal has been finalized with Mr. Checkout. It is a national marketing Co-Op of almost 35,000 convenience stores in the country. The group consists of nearly 800 independent merchandisers, convenience store distributors and wholesale-to-distributor warehouse firms. It has also made relationships with big buyers in almost every big box store for more than 30 years now.

Initial phase

Jerry Grisaffithe founder of Totally Hemp, said that the management is excited and pleased to commence the initial phase of sales campaign by distributing product range of Rocky Mountain High hemp drinks to a number of convenience and grocery stores. The company looks forward to work together with Mr. Checkout Distributors and their effective retail partner network to position beverage products in the hands of clients throughout the country. Since 1989, they have been servicing convenient stores, grocers and independent retailers through a group of merchandisers, small distributors, and wholesale-to-distributor warehouse firms.

The move

In last trading session, TOTALLY HEMP made a high of $0.07 and low of $0.06. The stocks surged almost 4% to close at $0.0692. Investors were pleased with the news of shipment of its product ‘Rocky Mountain High Hemp‘to, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN). Totally Hemp said that the beverages have been palletized as per the online retailer’s specifications and now will be shipped to three regional warehouses.

The process

Totally Hemp beverages entry has been done into the retailer’s system, which implies that the buyers will get alerts as and when the drinks become available for sale. The company has received a number of inquiries related to beverage product to be shipped to the three warehouses of Amazon. It is also in the process of initiating negotiations talks and will soon distribute samples of its product to the eligible parties upon request.

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