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US Airways Group Inc (NYSE:LCC)’s American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ:AAL) Blamed for Leaving Thousands of Passengers behind as It Pushes on Time Departures

US Airways Group Inc (NYSE:LCC) has been offering travel services for quite long period of time. Pilots at American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ:AAL) have come forward to announce that the airline is ready to mobilize its resources to see to it that sure airplanes take off on time. The closing of the door on airplanes that had empty seats left about 20,000 passengers stranded at the gate.

The president of the Allied Pilots Association, Dan Carey forwarded a letter to American pilots disclosing the exact number of the stranded passengers. This was clear indication that all parts were not working in unison and the failure needed to be addressed as fast as possible.

The top official also added to say that the company’s management had showcased determination to D0 departures at all costs.

Carey was disappointed by the fact that about 13,000 flights had standby passengers denied boarding access in spit of the fact that the aircraft had open seats. According to him, a lot of changes needed to be made in terms of improving on service delivery. Customers were important pillars to the company and needed to be given priority in terms of serving their needs in the best way possible.

The top NASDAQ Stock continues to sharpen its competitive edge and it will be a great step forward if it manages to come up with strategies that will help face out all those instances when passengers are left behind while the planes have empty seats.

While making his comments, the American spokesman Matt Miller stated that the number also comprised of some standby passengers, some of whom failed to appear at the gate by the time of departure.

The top executive downplayed the figure terming its as imprecise, considering that it failed at delivering an actual representation of reality since some of the included passengers couldn’t be located anywhere near the gate by the time the plane took off.

The NASDAQ Stock is looking forward to put in place policies and procedures as well that will help in the accommodation o the standby and non-revenue passengers whenever there are open seats.

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