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USPTO Issues Patent for PCR Amplification Suppressor To Great Basin Scientific Inc (NASDAQ:GBSN)

Great Basin Scientific Inc (NASDAQ:GBSN) reported that the USPTO issued U.S. Patent for the firm’s amplification suppressor. The unique technology blocks detection of pollutants existing in the environment that may lead in a false positive report and possible misdiagnosis of a patient.

The highlights

The high sensitivity related to molecular diagnostic assessment makes it susceptible to the impact of common environmental pollutants such as Staphylococcus epidermidis, which is mostly found on public and skin surfaces. To offer for higher test specificity, the company has advanced this “amplification suppressor” plan that can remove detection of Staphylococcus species or other bacteria environmental pollutant when assessing clinical specimens such as nasal swabs, bronchial lavages or blood specimens from doubted pneumonia. The amplification suppressor is utilized in Great Basin’s ‘Staph ID/R Blood Culture Panel’ and is being used in the SA Nasal Screen assessment, slated for clinical study in 1H2017, as well as future assessments and panels.

Robert D. Jenison, the CTO of Great Basin, reported that in the molecular diagnostics group, concern that a positive report is actually indicating an environmental pollutant as opposed a severe organism has long been a concern. The company’s amplification suppressor plan assures clinicians obtain actionable, accurate report that will outline a clear treatment way for these ill patients, and backs the firm’s commitment to offer some of the industry’s accurate and rapid molecular tests. They are delighted to obtain this patent to further safeguard their portfolio and assets of unique technology. With this achievement, Great Basin now has 7 U.S. patents issued and as many as 12 patents pending.

Great Basin is a molecular diagnostics entity that commercializes revolutionary chip-based technologies. The firm is dedicated to the development of powerful and simple sample-to-result products and technology that give fast, multiple-pathogen analyses of infectious diseases.

Great Basin’s vision is to design molecular diagnostic assessment simple and cost-effective. It will help patients to get assessed for every severe infection, minimizing misdiagnoses and considerably restricting the spread of infectious disease.

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