Valmie Resources Inc (OTCBB:VMRI) In Support Of Unmanned Vehicle Innovation

Valmie Resources Inc (OTCBB:VMRI) CEO Gerald B. Hammack commented on the automated drive organized by Delphi Automotive PLC (NYSE:DLPH). The drive was carried out coast-to-coast and was quite successful. He said that the recent accomplishment highlights the progress made in the autonomous vehicle sector. It is the growing world of “sense and avoid” technology.

The message is that if there can be autonomous cars driving undamaged on the highways, drones featuring same” sense and avoid” technologies can operate securely in the national airspace. It is the time to give thought to changing world of unmanned vehicle innovation.

The changing industry

Hammack said that the autonomous vehicle revolution is getting support on its own. An amazing and unexpected era lies in the future for many people including engineers, innovators, financiers and entrepreneurs.

The innovations in the segment of drone are emerging rapidly. The segment is clearly supported by some of the brightest minds in field of science and engineering. Here, the company wants to promote the message to the public as well as to the lawmakers to take essential steps to redefine the growing industry. Valmie stated that changes should be made to support innovation in roads and national airspace.

The present conditions

As per the prevailing rules formulated by FAA, unmanned aerial vehicles that weigh less than 55 pounds have to be operated in daylight and that too within the visual line of operator’s sight without using visual aids. The proposed rules will be assessed by public who can leave their comments on the matter.

The review process will carry on for two long years. However, in this time, the technology of sense and avoid will make substantial progress. The changes will certainly be reflected in the coming years. ON Friday’s trading session, the stock price of Valmie Resources declined 3.38%to close at $3.14.

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