Valmie Resources Inc (OTCBB:VMRI) Talks On Unmanned Vehicle Innovation

Gerald B. Hammack, the President and Chief Executive of Valmie Resources Inc (OTCBB:VMRI) commented on the successful automated drive recently concluded by Delphi Automotive PLC (NYSE:DLPH). The achievement pushes the unmanned vehicle venture forward and highlights the extraordinary advancements happening in sense and avoids technology.  He said that if the industry is to have autonomous vehicles driving safely on the highways, the drones outfitted with same advanced technology can function safely in the national airspace.

The revolution       

Hammack further added that the unmanned vehicle revolution is coming and a remarkable new period lies ahead for investors, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs. The innovations in the drone industry are emerging rapidly as the segment is attracting some of the brilliant minds in engineering and science. Valmie encourages the lawmakers and public to actively participate and help in shaping responsible regulations that will enable innovation on the national airspace and the roads possible.

The regulations

Currently, proposed FAA rules require that autonomous aerial vehicles weighing less than fifty-five pounds be flown in daylight. They can be operated within the visual area of sight of the operator. No visual aids like binoculars can be used. The FAA’s proposed rules will undergo a public review and comment period lasting for two years. In this period, drone firms are anticipated to make considerable advances in sense and avoid technologies in order to alleviate the FAA’s safety concerns. It would be a positive for Valmie.

The expectations

The observers believe that it is likely the regulations at some time be modified to enable flight out of sight as the latest technology matures. There are many people with funds on the line that are going to demonstrate their case on testing grounds in laboratories and abroad, collect the data and have a reason to have the regulations altered. Valmie is in the process of creating its first-generation SaaS AIMD Platform.

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