Video Game Stocks Will Not Be Overlooked in 2015; SunGame Corporation (OTCMKTS:SGMZ), Activision Blizzard Inc. (NASDAQ:ATVI), GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME)

2014 was a strong year for video game stocks. The credit is due to some big time releases and the increasing popularity for new gaming consoles like Sony’s release of the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. Number projections for many other companies in the gaming industry look bright in 2015. The release of these next- wave generation gaming consoles signals record breaking software sales, and higher profit margins for publishers as gamers are willing to splurge more digital content purchases and subscriptions. All signs lead to an uptrend in the gaming market and these companies are a result of that.

SunGame Corporation (OTCMKTS:SGMZ)- This top video game penny stock to watch in 2015 looks like it has bottomed out from its downward spiral over the last year. The company looks to recover with its signature 3D glasses-free Flightdeck Commander 3D tablet in partnership with the newly launched site. allows for developers to create games specifically geared for the Flightdeck product. The stock is currently trading at $1.65 and the stocks price is up a modest 6.5% over the last 60 days. Watch as 3D and 4D gaming becomes the future it will be companies like SGMZ that will pave the way for all mobile gaming devices and developers.

Activision Blizzard Inc. (NASDAQ:ATVI)- the owners and creators of the world renounced Call of Duty video game since 2010 has seen an increase of a staggering 142%. ATVI in partnership with Sledgehammer games, and Xbox are hosting the 3rd annual 32 of the best professional COD teams worldwide to compete for a cash price of $1 million dollars in Los Angeles, CA on March 29th 2015. The last 2 months the company has seen a price spike of 8.8%.

GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME)- a global family of specialty retail brands that makes the most popular technologies affordable and simple reported their 4th quarter earnings this week. Looks like new software sales rose 6% this quarter, along with digital receipts increased by an impressive 41%. Full year earnings per share increased by 16% during Q4. GME’s 3-month chart indicates an up swing trend with bullish signals.

The stages from the beginning of video game development to now are unfathomable if asked by those who lived through the days with limited to no technology. In today’s world video games and electronics have taken over our youth, now instead of wanting to go play outside kids majority of children would rather play with technology. With the technological advances made daily, it’s crazy to think that as an investor we have only reached the tip of the iceberg with some of these development gaming companies. The video gaming stocks look to standout in 2015 while they remain in an under the radar sector of the market.


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