What BOREAL WATER COLLECT (OTCMKTS:BRWC) Has To Communicate To Shareholders?

BOREAL WATER COLLECT (OTCMKTS:BRWC) a prominent water bottler firm of private-labeled bottled water offerings tailored for each client’s need, addressed an open letter to its shareholders. The Chief executive, Francine Lavoie stated that he would like to throw light on the considerable accomplishments achieved by the company in 2014. The prime goal of the company is to provide superior quality bottled water and last year Boreal Water was extremely successful at securing several esteemed and high-end accounts. The Chief Executive said that sales and earnings are projected to rise in years to come.

Baby water product line

Boreal Water’s range of baby water was introduced into the Chinese market and is now sold in several high-end retail shops. It is even made available at online platform. The product line is marketed as being sodium-free, bromated-free, and pure and BPA-free with a fair level of PH and low mineral content. All the said features make for quality baby water. Boreal Water even recruited a full-time representative Miss Zhao to take care of expansion activities in entire China market.

The sales

Boreal Water disclosed that in the fourth quarter of FY2014, the sales jumped by 23% compared to 4Q2013. The gross margins improved by 15%. The company’s main attention was on positioning Boreal for profitable, steady, long-term growth. The team is confident that concentrating on the fundamentals and working on a stable business will enhance earnings and sales upward in years to come.

The plans

BOREAL WATER COLLECT (OTCMKTS:BRWC) intends to offer detailed information and public transparency by allocating key resources to investor relations and awareness. For the same purpose, it hired QualityStocks, a firm that specializes in increasing the impact of small-cap and micro-cap firms to augment growth capital and add to shareholder value. On Friday, Boreal Water stock price surged more than 11% to close at 0.00100.

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