What Makes This Penny Stock Stand Out? Entertainment Arts Research Inc (OTCMKTS:EARI)

Entertainment Arts Research Inc (OTCMKTS:EARI) has been trading at higher volumes since the later half of July. The stock’s volume increased to an average of 196,766 from July 27th to August 18th. This increasing momentum was spawned by the company’s various announcements. On July 27th, EARI announced a corporate update and just two weeks later, on August 12th, the company announced the establishment of operating subsidiaries including GoLoyal, a custom communications solution using social media, email, and web design.

EARI has had great announcements, but what is it that they do? In a recent interview with Seeking Alpha, the company was asked on their plans. Currently, EARI focuses on offering services as well as products that work to educate and entertain. The entire company is composed of four segments: GoLoyal handles email, Facebook, and social media marketing campaigns for its client’s customers. EARI designs high quality games, apps, social media sites, and educational programs that cross various platforms. Sail Marketing is the leader in providing management services for clients, and design. Daily App Dream is an app platform that brings more exposure to unknown apps in the app store. That’s all great, but what are the plans for the future?

“We believe that interactive learning will become dominant learning method that will replace traditional instructions. All instructional products and curriculum, assessments, and professional development must be authentic, context-based, problem-based, and interactive to meet the new learning needs. We see great potentials of career-related educational products and tremendous needs of instructional materials and services in STEM and career and technical education,” said EARI’s CEO Joseph Saulter.

It seems as if Saulter has things figured out for the most part. In that same interview, he touched upon four projects that EARI is looking to complete. Neighborhood Mathland 3D is an algebra game for middle school students. NYIL Virtual World is a collaboration with the Martin Luther King Jr. Center to promote social issue awareness, history, and non-violence in cities and urban neighborhoods. The Game Development Certification and Talent Platform is a curriculum formed to ensure that game developers are getting the best development skills that they can. Finally, Urban Game Jam is a conference to promote game development as a career throughout the country. According to Saulter, if all goes as planned the company expects to produce revenue of $950,000.

Technology is the way of the future, and EARI has figured it out. With a variety of technological sectors being focused on — including gaming, social media, and apps — EARI seems to be a promising company. It’s no wonder why the stock’s volume has been rising at such a great pace; over the second half of the year, EARI has great plans, and expectations.

“We expect dramatic revenue growth after the project initiation of 3D Mathland, NYIL virtual environments, and the expansion of Urban Game Jam. The marketing strategy of virtual advertisement and virtual assets in 3D Mathland and NYIL virtual world will increase the revenue dramatically at the initial stage of the production. Our potential clients will be Atlanta-based companies such as Coca-Cola, Chick-Fil-A, and Home Depot who purchase advertisement spaces in the virtual worlds of educational products and be connected with the Martin Luther King Jr. center,” Saulter predicted for the next three to six months.

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