What The Alumfuel Power Corp (OTCMKTS:AFPW) Can Offer Marijuana Growers?

Alumfuel Power Corp (OTCMKTS:AFPW) has been trying to take advantage of the growing marijuana industry. The company updated in February that it has been receiving demands for its medical marijuana cultivation systems. The cultivation system is powered by renewable energy and can significantly decrease the cost of operation for the farmers. Additionally, the system has all the tools of a complete kit for the cultivation process. It is capable of running on three different power sources. These would include lithium batteries, solar and wind power. It seems that the power source has been well thought out and the switch between three systems would make sure that it is not too dependent on the weather.

Apart from the conventional power sources, the system has a unique hydrogen powered energy system as well. The additional energy controls and power management options further assure that the energy systems work as efficiently as possible. The company was due to select a location to start marketing this product from, but a final decision is yet to be released. Additionally, the company’s system has been so much in demand due to the fact that it takes cultivators off the national grid. The system can operate day and night and offer to complete all the processes without the need for any power from the grid.

Large marijuana facilities have been known to conserve immense amount of power, sometimes reaching 3 MW, which adds to the cost. With the help of the cultivation systems from Alumifuel, these companies would be able to price their products cost effectively. This could be a major factor in the medical marijuana market, to help the companies beat their competitors. Additionally, the stress on the grid due to these farms has made the government to charge extra for such facilities.

Alumifuel Power Corp (OTCMKTS:AFPW) currently trades 10.13 million shares in the market and closed at $0.0002 losing 33.33% on April 10. The share value recorded a 52 week range of $0.00-$0.38.

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