What’s Up With Progressive Green Solutions (OTCBb:PGSC)?

To put things into perspective, the value of U.S. remanufactured production grew by 15% to at least $43.0 billion, supporting 180,000 full-time U.S. jobs in 2011, according to the US International Trade Commission. There is no doubt that the market is growing and with the DOW hitting 18,000+, new companies are sure to emerge as secondary market consumer electronic distributors and secondary appliance distributors. The average consumer saves close to 30% purchasing on refurbished or “As good as new” items.

Progressive Green Solutions Inc. (OTCBb:PGSC) is one company that is deep into reverse logistics sector of the market. (PGSC) has seen significant progress in its price performance over the course of the last 60 days up over 22%. PGSC has taken a slight price hit over the last 30 days, which can make for good entry levels for investors. On Jan 21st 2015, PGSC opened at $0.36 and on Feb 26th PGSC ran up to a high of $2.50. That’s an impressive 594.4% increase! Volume is becoming healthy trading and not relying so much on heavy promotion. This is a strong company that has been compared to Pan Ocean Container Supplies Ltd (OTCBB:PAOC) or Ubiquity Inc. (OTCBB:UBIQ) two companies that also started as penny stocks and broke out to highs of over $19+. Watch for PGSC to have a strong start to 2015 in this up trending industry.

As of right now, reverse logistics has gained the attention of some of the big organizations in the retail spot. Just to put things in perspective, a smaller player even grabbing a 5% market share could see impressive revenue numbers with shareholders reaping the benefits.

About Progressive Solutions Inc. (PGSC) is a full service returns management solution provider that specializes in reverse logistics, remanufacturing, repair and recovery, engineering/quality assurance, warehousing and fulfillment, secondary market sales and e-commerce for retailers and manufacturers of major appliances, small appliances, floor care products, air-conditioning/filtration products, small electronics, power tools and outdoor power equipment products. Through their unique combinations of services and logistics, PGSC is able to provide its clients with a one stop turnkey solution to manage, ship and process its clients returned merchandise.



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