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Which Vodka Brand Received a Prestigious Award for its Product; Iconic Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:ICNB)

The United States beverage market makes an impressive $354.2 billion per year. More impressively, the alcoholic beverages industry makes up about three-fifths of the beverage, generating more than $211.6 billion in sales. The most lucrative category of the alcohol industry is the vodka category, making up thirty-four percent of that. The vodka market is being kept alive by millennials as they turn 21 and become excited to enter the world of drinking; this has been evident for the success of upcoming companies. Take Iconic Brands Inc., for instance.

Iconic Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:ICNB) is a company that produces beverages primarily focusing on alcoholic beverages for the company itself as well as for third parties. Iconic Brands, Inc.’s markets and places products into national distribution thanks to its long-standing relationship with others within the industry. In addition, Iconic is also a leader in “Celebrity Branding” of beverages, which allows for their products to gain attention from around the globe by branding its drinks with recognized celebrities.

Iconic Brands Inc announced earlier this month that BiVi vodka won a renowned “Gold” medal from the Artisan Spirits Awards of San Francisco. This award came from a global competition where expert judges choose which producer was making the best spirit by distilling and use the greatest ingredients that show the skills of an actual distiller. Reports show that Iconic Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:ICNB) received an impressive score of “91,” which shows just how great distiller Giovanni La Fauci. The company is extremely pleased to receive this award that will be able to bring great attention to the company. This award is essentially proof that the company is worth looking into.

Iconic’s CEO, Rich DeCicco, stated, “We are thrilled that BiVi is continuing to build momentum and brand awareness. We are striving to become the vodka of choice when people dine out and when they entertain at home. For any new brand to be successful, we must deliver a quality product that the consumer will enjoy and have readily available. The consumer today is presented with many choices in the vodka category. They know with BiVi and the handcrafted manner in which it is produced, they are purchasing a brand with real authenticity, a fabulous back story and very important to note — it’s ‘Original.’”

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