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Who Is Progressive Green Solutions (OTCBb:PGSC)?

Progressive Green Solutions is a full service returns management solution provider that specializes in reverse logistics, remanufacturing, repair and recovery, engineering/quality assurance, warehousing and fulfillment, secondary market sales and e-commerce for retailers and manufacturers of major appliances, small appliances, floor care products, air-conditioning/filtration products, small electronics, power tools and outdoor power equipment products. Through their unique combinations of services and logistics, PGSC is able to provide its clients with a one stop turnkey solution to manage, ship and process its clients returned merchandise.


Why Progressive Green Solutions Inc (PGSC)?


Why Invest in a Company Promoting “Good As New” Items?

Take the mobile phone industry for example. On average American’s get a new phone ever two years, but that number is expected to rise as companies like Apple come out with a new phone every year. The mobile phone industry sold around 1.2 billion phones world wise last year and the return rate on those phones was about 8% according to the Recovering Lost Profits by Improving Reverse Logistics report commissioned by UPS and written by Curtis Greve and Jerry Davis. The comes out to around 96 million phones that ended up refurbished and then sold again on the secondary market. If you can be in the position of that secondary reseller, things are looking pretty good for you, especially because people like to get a good deal. If someone who is still locked in a phone contract can get the 2nd newest phone refurbished, for half the price of the newest phone, brand new, they are most likely going to take that deal.


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