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Why “Boxed Water” Could be the Future; Powershares Water Resource Portfolio (NYSEARCA:PHO), Legacy Ventures International Inc (OTCBB:LGYV), Danone SA (ADR) (OTCMKTS:DANOY)

As the bottled water market is expected to continue to grow over the next couple of years, most of which will be seen from countries like China, India, as well as Mexico since the clean tap water is not as readily available there as it may be in other countries. As for the United States, the bottled water market has been one of the most rapid growing in the world with an expected CAGR of almost three percent. However, according to studies, Americans are trying to stray away from consuming bottled water.

According to National Geographic, plastic water bottles are incredibly unhealthy… But not just for the environment; what people do not know is that plastic water bottles contain many toxins that end up leaking into the water consumed. It turns out that these toxins negatively affect your reproductive cells and could have awful effects on one’s children. As for the environment, bottles are not at all biodegradable, which means that these bottles could stick around for thousands of years. And when these bottles are sent away rather than recycled, which they often are, the same toxins that ruin your body may leak into soil or water supplies.

For that very reason, Americans are looking for a new way to obtain water. Yet a poll has revealed that approximately three-fourths of the United States fears tap water. So what’s the solution? Well, some people have found Boxed Water, a product distributed by Legacy Ventures International Inc (OTCBB:LGYV). Legacy is a management company incorporated in Nevada. Boxed Water is exactly what it sounds like; water in a box. The product sounds simple, but evidently, it is significantly less dangerous than bottled water.

As previously mentioned, plastic water bottles are bad for both the environment and the human body. Because of the fact that Boxed Water is not packaged in plastic, the possibility of these toxins entering the body or the environment disappears completely. In addition, according to this report, one truckload of Boxed Water is equal to around twenty-six truckloads of plastic bottles. Because of this, it can be expected that the demand for this product will rise greatly as people learn about its benefits.

Legacy Ventures International Inc (OTCBB:LGYV) has already been playing its part in this; on Tuesday, the company announced that its subsidiary RM Fresh Brands Inc., a food and beverage distributor, has agreed to supply Sobeys Inc., a Canadian grocery retailer, with Boxed Water. President of RM Fresh Brands, Ron Patel, said, “We are thrilled to be supplying Boxed Water, the most eco-friendly consumer water brand, to Canadian retail giant Sobeys, proving the ever growing demand for a change from the traditional plastic water bottle.” LGYV has made itself a great product that will benefit everyone in the future which is why long-term investments may be of interest.

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