Why Infinity Augmented Reality Inc (OTCMKTS:ALSO)Was Awarded Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award?

After completing the survey of the European AR market, the reputed research group Frost & Sullivan awarded Infinity Augmented Reality Inc (OTCMKTS:ALSO) with the Technology Innovation Award. The company, which developed a software-based AR engine, received top score on both future business value criteria and technology attributes.

The industry

Augmented reality wearables are becoming an integral part of everyday life. The features to cover real environment with computer generated graphics is expected to make its way to military, entertainment and civilian segments. However, the problem associated, with these wearables is cost. Either they are too expensive or too energy-consuming to be produced in huge quantities.

The strength

Infinity Augmented Reality engine resolved three main challenges associated with AR wearables, battery life, processing power and cost. Its key product replaces depth sensors, with two simple cameras that drastically reduce the cost. The use of cameras in place of active infrared sensors reduces power consumption by as much as 60%. Also, Infinity Augmented utilized efficient computer vision algorithms that need less processing power.

The platform

Frost & Sullivan said that Infinity Augmented Reality has developed a game-changing AR Engine. It utilizes two 2D camera sensors to identify 3D environments. The engine has the ability to provide rich experience to users. The power of the engine can be used to integrate augmented reality features into smart products.

The technology

Infinity Augmented Reality Inc (OTCMKTS:ALSO) uses an innovative method to sensing the environment, which is an essential requirement for enhancing augmented reality experiences. The distinguishing feature of company’s AR technology is that it can identify the user’s gestures. The AR engine also identifies clear and reflective surfaces to ensure the augmented reality products are effortlessly integrated into the environment. The unique capability enables the rendered virtual products to be experienced as if they are an integral part of the real world.

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