Why NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK)’s Is Rallying Off Late?

NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK)‘s decision to get the best man to head its sales unit is paying it dividends. Ever since the company announced the appointment of Jason Schwenck as its Senior Vice President for Global Sales, its stock has been climbing consistently. The last trading session was no different as the share price of the beverage maker went up by as much as 15% to close at $0.00230. Nearly 6.63 million shares changed hands during the trading session.

Credit to sales strategy

The optimism is growing around NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK) as its hiring strategy has convinced its stakeholders. Also, the confidence further multiplies given the experience record of Schwenck. It is noteworthy that Schwenck comes to NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK) with 20 years of experience in the beverage industry. He also holds a record of his stint at Red Bull, another famous beverage company, as Senior Executive. At Red Bull, Schwenck was the Director of On-Premise Sales as well as Marketing for the United States.

Way forward

Following the appointment of Schwenck on the board, NOHO Inc (OTCBB:DRNK)’s CEO Jay Grdina said that the move indicated the company’s commitment towards boosting its sales across the globe. He briefed that Schwenck holds expertise in team building and driving sales. Grdina went on to state that Schwenck will carry out the task of building a robust sales team and develop sales programs on a global level. He will aim to foster partnerships both on-premise, as well as retail markets, so as to enhance the company’s sales, said Grdina.

Meanwhile, Schwenck said that he is confident to design and execute the right strategies and tactics to encourage both short and long-term sales growth of the company in the U.S. and also globally. He said that the company’s hangover prevention drink is already gaining traction in the market, and he aims to contribute his bit towards creating a successful track record for the company.

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