I-Texts, Inc of WORLDWIDE DIVERSIFIED HOLDINGS INC (OTCMKTS:WNTR) and ADP have decided to sign an agreement. As per the reports, both of them will be able to help more than 1400 independent and 900 organizations associated with them through this partnership.

Insights of The Matter:

I-Texts is the portfolio company of Worldwide Diversified. Once the initial formalities are done, both the companies will find it easy to execute their ordinary proceedings. The primary objective of ADP behind rendering its services to I-Texts is nothing but to provide applications for new representatives and organizations in addition to making the payment to all the representatives and organizations.

Things have become a lot easier for new representatives and companies now than earlier when I-Texts hadn’t entered into partnership with ADP. All those individuals and organizations that are interested in joining hands together with I-Texts can browse the official website of the company and grab the necessary information to register themselves.

Apart from making the announcement of this partnership, I-Texts has also made public that it would take the entire proceedings to all new level. The company will look forward to applying to FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) in order to make sure that all the dividend shares of the company can be deposited with Depository Trust Company. The company wants the dividend to be credited to brokerage account automatically by the end of every month.

ADP is known for providing cloud-based services to help individuals and organizations in managing their workforce remotely. The company takes care of everything from talent management to payroll, salary structure, and benefit administration. Senior management executives of both the companies refused to talk about this agreement. But one thing is sure that agreement between I-Texts and ADP will ensure that overall proceedings touch new level in the near future.

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