WORLDWIDE DIVERSIFIED HOLDINGS INC (OTCMKTS:WNTR) announced that its portfolio company, I-Texts Inc, has signed a deal, with ADP to help manage the organizations and representatives. The company aims to develop applications and control the flow of payments to the new organizations and representatives of ADP. New organizations can sign up online with I-Texts to work with ADP. Additionally, the company announced that it would be applying to make the shares of I-Texts available to the investors soon.

“I-Texts” is a company that focuses on creating links between a company, its partners, and representatives. It specifically designs a unique working model for different companies it works for. The news was encouraging for the investors which boosted the stock price to $0.0004, a 100% increase for the company. WORLDWIDE DIVERSIFIED HOLDINGS INC (OTCMKTS:WNTR) recently also announced its FY2014, which showed a healthy financial year and substantial growth. The company’s assets showed a 13% increase and a 67% increase in revenue.

The announcements were rightly placed as the company’s share had been holding stable for the most part of this year. With more developments planned for the year, it is expected that the company would live up to its reputation and keep the stock from crashing.

The company also announced at the beginning of March, that it would file a request to be listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange as well. The move is supposed to be executed by the end of 2Q2015. The move to expand business internationally should prove fruitful for the company. It will open a whole new range of avenues for the company to explore and show some movement in its stable share value. Additionally, the Frankfurt stock exchange is considered one of the largest in the world. The company’s strong investor base would be delighted by this move and would probably increase trading in the coming months.

This move would also be coupled, with a stock buyback, which would decrease the shares outstanding and increase the current value of stock further.

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